■ Delivery charge policy
The basic charge is 2,500won and
no additional charge will be made to deliver to remote places..
We offer free delivery for all purchases over 50,000won.
Free delivery is possible as long as there’s only one destination.
An additional fee may be added to the delivery for multiple destinations.
If you return a product delivered for free, you will have to pay for the free delivery fee.

■ Delivery period
Products will be ready for shipping on the day you order but only when you make purchases before 9 A.M.
Shipping may take 2-3 days depending on stock of products.
In case of shipping delayed, please make an inquiry through 1:1 Inquiry or Q&A.
We will attend to you after confirmation.

■ Automatic cancellation of pending orders
All orders for which we have not confirmed your payment within 3days from the date of order will be automatically canceled.
(Excluding weekends. popular products can be canceled ahead of 3days.)
Shipping can be delayed 1-2 days depending on the location and special circumstances.
In case of shipping delayed, please make an inquiry through 1:1 Inquiry or Q&A.
We will attend to you after confirmation.

■ How to cancel your order before shipping
Customers only can cancel their orders by making an inquiry
by phone call to our customer service, 1:1 Inquiry or Q&A.
To cancel the order after payments, please inquire
by making a call to our customer service (031-541-2993).
(Hours of operation: 10am – 5pm, 12pm - 1pm lunch time)

■ Modification of order
To change your order, make a phone call to
our customer service or inform us on Q&A or 1:1 Inquire in "My page" category.
You cannot modify your order once the product has already been shipped.
(You can only exchange the size of your ordered product. If you want to exchange with other products,
please fill up the new order form. )

■ How to make payments
Bank transfer: You will be guided with two bank accounts: online bank account and virtual bank account.
Please refer to “Payment Help” located at the bottom of the website if you want to pay through the online bank account.
If you wish to pay through the virtual bank account, the account number will be sent to your email.
Credit cards:The credit card payment window will pop up when you place an order with a credit card.
Then, choose the type of the credit card and installment plan, which you want.
Our payment service provider is “AllTheGate”

■ Accumulated Points
You will be given 2000 points as you sign up. (The same with the previous policy)
- You will be provided with 1000 points for leaving a review on Photo gallery.
- The point will be accumulated as much as 1% of the price of the product.
(The policy took effect since SS season 2014. It’s not applicable for the last season’s products)
E.g. 390 points will be provided if you order products worth 39000won

■ How to edit your account
if you want to edit your account, please sign in and go to My page.

■ Registration
To become a member of our website, please refer to “Register”located at the bottom of the website or
“Register” category located at the upper-left corner of the website.

■ Member leave
You can always withdraw membership.
Please log in and go to My page.
Then click “Member leave” or call our customer service center (031-541-2993).
Please be mindful of deletion of your shopping records and accumulated points once you withdraw your membership.

■ Customer Service Center
Operating hours: Monday - Friday 10am~5pm
-we are closed on weekends and holidays.
Please make an inquiry on our Q&A, or 1:1 inquiry.

■ Banking Information
Account No: Kookmin Bank 021902-04-012213
Account holder: BFSOLE online(Lim Chan Hee)
- If you’ve made payments under the third party’s name instead of the name you used in the order form, please coordinate with us to avoid any misunderstanding.
(You can choose to call our customer service center or use our Q&A bulletin board.)

■ Returns and exchanges
Address: CJ Daehan Express, Deokgye-dong, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Daehan Express(1588-1255)

-If you have any items you wish to return, please send them to the address I’ve stated.
-We don’t charge delivery fee for customers buying more than KRW 50,000.
Please note that if you choose to return items, you should be responsible for the first delivery charge of 2,500 won and another 2,500 won for cash on delivery.
-If you choose to return items on personal reasons, please enclose 5,000 won for delivery fee.